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Corneal Crosslinking

Cross-linking is a technique for treating keratoconus using non-surgical techniques. Colorado Eye Consultants has been performing cross-linking for Keratoconus since 2010. We were the first clinic in Rocky Mountain Region to perform this procedure and have done thousands of cases.

Corneal Crosslinking

Our clinic is participating in the ongoing Cross-Linking USA study (CXL-USA), and offer an epithelium-on protocol. click here for further details.

Corneal Crosslinking Patient Having Eye illuminated
Corneal Crosslinking Patient Having Eye illuminated

The picture above shows the crosslinking process, after the eye has been fully saturated with the medication needed to complete the crosslinking process. The medication is fluorescent, giving the eye a green look when exposed to the UVA light. The eye(s) remain open with the help of a speculum (shown above). Patients remain fully awake during the crosslinking process and experience little to no pain during this non-invasive procedure. We have the ability to complete crosslinking on just one eye, or both eyes at the same time.

Cross-linking with Ultraviolet-A light is one of our current Clinical Trials. For more information, visit our Research Program.

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