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3 Reasons To Put Your Fears of LASIK Aside This Year

LASIK is a surgical procedure, which means some people will dread it before they have it. But with LASIK, there’s no reason for dread! It’s life-changing in a good way and it will provide you with the visual freedom you’ve been craving. Keep reading for three reasons to put your fears of LASIK aside this… Read More


4 Symptoms To Know It’s Time For Cataract Surgery

When you get older, you will need to be regularly checked for cataracts. You may find out you have cataracts but don’t need them removed right away. Cataracts begin small and grow so slowly that they don’t affect vision in a meaningful way at first. For most people, they won’t for quite some time. Even… Read More


What If I’m Not A Good LASIK Candidate?

If you have been looking for a way to say so long to your glasses, chances are that you started your search with LASIK. There is a reason why LASIK is so popular. The refractive surgery works incredibly well. With a success rate of over 96%, LASIK has helped millions of people achieve the vision… Read More


4 Ideas To Follow For A More Relaxing LASIK Recovery

Searching for visual freedom from glasses and contact lenses? LASIK is a minimally invasive procedure that takes less than 15 minutes per eye to perform. But it does still require incisions to be made in the corneas. There’s a certain amount of healing necessary for this to happen. Complications from LASIK are rare. In fact,… Read More


Will LASIK Hurt?

LASIK is many things: fast, effective, and very low risk, but it is not painful. This is a common misconception. LASIK does not have any blades anymore, and instead only uses lasers to reshape the cornea. How can something that uses lasers to reshape part of your eye not be painful? Keep reading to learn… Read More


Are There Warning Signs With Diabetic Retinopathy?

Diabetes is an all too common disease that can have disastrous effects on the body across the board. Eyes are no exception. Diabetes is often linked to several vision problems including cataract development and glaucoma. One condition in particular actually includes diabetes in the title: diabetic retinopathy. This disease may start off damaging vision in… Read More


Can Dry Eyes Cause Blurry Vision?

Most people know the basic symptoms of dry eye. The itching, redness, and, of course, the most obvious symptom, dry eyes, are what’s expected. But dry eye can come with a lot of other symptoms, as well as turn into an even bigger problem. Keep reading to find out if dry eyes can cause blurry… Read More


Can I Get Cataract Surgery With Another Eye Condition?

Cataracts affect everyone at some point in their lives. Many people will also struggle with other eye conditions. From things like dry eye syndrome to more serious issues like glaucoma and macular degeneration, this is why you need to see your eye doctor regularly. About whether you can receive cataract surgery if you have another… Read More


How Do You Prepare Before Having LASIK?

Just because you think you are “ready” to have LASIK, doesn’t mean you are actually ready for the surgery itself. There are a lot of steps to take before you reach your goal of amazing vision. Keep reading for some tips on how to prepare before having LASIK! Take a Break From Contacts You will… Read More


6 Signs Your Dry Eye Is Affecting Your Vision

Dry eye is an all too common affliction that affects millions of people all over the world. Left unchecked, a simple case of dry eye can become worse. It can even eventually affect your eyesight. Here’s how you can tell if your dry eye has gotten worse. 1. Your Eyes are Extremely Watery As backward… Read More


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