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About Our Optical Shop

Optical Shop

At Colorado Eye Consultants, we are your one-stop location for all your eye care needs. If you get a prescription for glasses or contact lenses, our professional opticians can help you select a pair of glasses or order contact lenses for you on-site.

At our optical shop, we’ll take care of all your vision needs at once.

Our Optical Shop

For more information, please stop by or contact us:

Colorado Eye Consultants
Phone: (303) 730-0404
Open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Closed weekends & major holidays

We carry a comprehensive line of glasses styles in all price ranges. This includes popular designer frames, so when you put on your new pair of glasses, you will look your best.

Check out frames from top designers like Kate Spade, Gucci, Oakley, and many more! Our trained opticians are skilled at matching our patients with the most flattering and stylish frames.

Besides helping you choose the frame and style for your lifestyle, we will help you with adjustments, lens problems that come up, and vision supplies you may need, such as contact lens solution or eyeglass cleaning products.

Our Opticians

At Colorado Eye Consultants, we hire only highly trained and skilled opticians who are board-certified. They can offer personalized professional services you can’t find online or at a discount store.

Inside County Line Optical

Our opticians excel at helping customers select the right pair of glasses for fit, comfort, style, cost, and lifestyle needs. The learning doesn’t stop once our opticians enter our shop.

They are always improving their knowledge and skills by attending professional workshops, meetings, and conventions. We are proud of our opticians’ knowledge of the latest lens technology and eyewear. Our goal is to make your eyeglass fitting and purchase as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Our experienced opticians will help you select eyeglass frames that reflect your personal style and taste. We sell frames with quality craftsmanship as well as the latest designs.

We carry a wide selection of eyeglass lenses. This includes lens designs for single vision and progressive designs for patients who need bifocals or trifocals.

Besides choosing your frames, our opticians can recommend lens coatings and lens tints. These can eliminate glare and make wearing glasses more comfortable.

We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service, personalized attention, and care, all at competitive prices. We want buying glasses to be an enjoyable experience for you.

Insurance and Payments

There are many ways for you to pay for your glasses. We accept most insurance plans, including Medicare, Secure Horizons, EyeMed, and VSP (Vision Service Plan).

Cataract patients may be eligible for a Medicare or Secure Horizons benefit. Eyeglasses purchased may be eligible for reimbursement from family flexible spending plans or health care savings accounts. Check your plan for eligibility information.

We also accept payment for glasses by cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and CareCredit.

Eyeglass Lens Styles

We have a variety of eyeglass lens styles available to suit your needs. Our professional opticians will work with your prescription and help you order the right kind of lenses to go with your new frames. We will contact you individually when your glasses are ready.

We carry the following lenses:

Single Vision:

Single vision lenses are among the most common lenses prescribed. Single vision, or monovision lenses, can correct distance vision, close vision, or intermediate distance vision.

Progressive Lenses:

Progressive lenses are for patients who need glasses that correct both far and near vision in one lens. Progressives do not have the horizontal lines often found in bifocal or trifocal lenses.

Flat Top Bifocals:

Flat top bifocals are lenses that split into two sections. One section is for distance vision and the other section is for up close vision.

They are prescribed for people who need help seeing both far away and up close. These solve both problems with one pair of glasses.

Executive Bifocals:

Executive bifocals are like flat-top bifocals, but the lenses have a line across the width of the lens. This type of lens may be useful for people who need a wider field of vision for reading.


Trifocal lenses have three separate sections. One section helps for seeing far away. The second section helps for seeing intermediate distances.

The third section helps for seeing objects that are up close. Having all three sections allows the wearer to see at all distances.

Specialty and Occupational:

We also offer specialty and occupational lenses. These include sports goggles and computer eyewear, among others.

Eyeglass Lens Materials

Plastic lenses:

The most common lens material used for eyeglasses is a specialty plastic called CR-39. CR-39 is lightweight, provides protection from ultra-violet light, and offers clear vision.

Plastic lenses can be tinted to almost any color. Talk with our opticians about how to clean and care for your plastic lenses.

High-Index Plastic:

Lenses made from thinner, lighter-weight plastic are called high-index plastic lenses. These provide excellent vision, and protection from UV light, are scratch-resistant and can be lightly tinted to almost any color.


Besides several standard style lenses, we offer two types of high-end lenses that are impact-resistant, lightweight, and comfortable. These are Polycarbonate lenses and Trivex lenses. 

These superior products offer a thinner lens, and ultraviolet light protection, are scratch-resistant, and can be tinted to any color. Please talk to your optician if you are interested in our highest-quality lenses.


For many years, lenses were almost only made from glass. This provided clear vision but was heavy for the person wearing them. 

It did also not impact resistance. Talk to your experienced optician to see if glass or plastic lenses are right for you.

Eyeglass Lens Options

Photochromatic Lenses:

Photochromatic lenses adjust their color according to the light they are in. When outside, they darken, and while indoors, they become lighter. These may also be known as transition lenses.

Photochromatic lenses come in gray, brown, and green tints. They also come with an optional scratch and ultraviolet protection.

Anti-Reflective Coatings:

Anti-reflective lens coatings are special clear lens coatings applied to lenses. This helps reduce glare and enhances clarity for the person wearing them.

The coatings have three main advantages:

Polarized Lenses:

Polarized lenses are used for sunglasses to reduce glare from the sun. For outdoor activities, they provide superior contrast.

They have less than half the glare of regular tinted lenses. This includes scratch-resistant coating and ultraviolet protection.

Lens Tinting:

Lens tinting is an available option that can be applied to many lens materials in several different colors. Lens tinting can reduce glare or can also enhance appearance.

Mirror Coating:

A mirror coating is applied to sunglasses to add extra protection from sun glare. This makes the lens resemble a mirror. These coatings are also available in many colors.

Looking for a new pair of glasses? Come to Colorado Eye Consultants in Littleton, CO, and pick out your new pair today!

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