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Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lenses

Avulux is the only clinically proven lens for people living with migraine and light sensitivity.

Do you have migraine? Does light trigger or worsen your migraine attacks?

You’re not alone. 

Millions of people around the world have migraine disorder. And as many as 90% of those people experience light sensitivity during a migraine attack. 

Up to 60% of migraine attacks are triggered by light.  

That is why we offer Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lenses. 

Nine out of every ten Avulux wearers report that they can resume their daily activities when they use the lenses.

How is Avulux different than other “migraine” glasses on the market?

Unlike other “migraine” or “neurological” lenses, Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lenses are clinically proven to help people living with migraine. Two independent studies have demonstrated that Avulux’s patented light filtering technology is superior to any others. 

This is one of main reasons why we carry Avulux in our practice. We trust Avulux to help our patients manage the impact of light on their lives.

Why else do we recommend Avulux?

How Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lenses work

Not all light waves are the same. Light in the blue, amber and red spectrum cause photosensitive retinal ganglion cells to release melanopsin. Put simply, for people living with migraine this can trigger a migraine attack – or make it worse. 

However, light in the green spectrum is soothing. 

That’s why Avulux engineers developed a lens that precisely filters up to 97% of the most harmful blue, amber and red light while allowing in up to 70% of soothing green light. 

How do you know if Avulux is right for you?

Start by speaking to your eye doctor. We are trained professionals who can identify whether Avulux would be an appropriate part of your migraine toolkit.

If you experience several headache days per month along with other migraine symptoms, and you’re sensitive to light, there is a strong possibility that Avulux is right for you.

Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lenses are available in prescription and non-prescription.

Experience the benefits of Avulux and get the look you want by choosing from our wide selection of frames. 

Avulux comes in prescription and non-prescription, and you can order: 

About Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lenses 

The following statements provide details about Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lenses. These statements can be used at the OD’s discretion to help explain how our products work. If the OD requires additional information or clarity on product details, Avulux experts are available to support at the OD’s convenience. Additionally, product imagery, light spectrum graphs and other imagery are available for use on the OD’s website. For support, please contact

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