Better eyesight can dramatically improve your quality of life. But insurance providers don’t consider vision correction procedures like LASIK medically necessary.

As such, LASIK isn’t covered by most insurance plans. But did you know you can pay for LASIK with money set aside in your flexible spending account or FSA?

Your flex spending dollars make LASIK more affordable. They can help you achieve the clear vision you’ve always wanted.

Keep reading to learn more about FSAs and how you can use yours to cover the cost of LASIK.

What is an FSA?

An FSA is a non-taxable savings account provided by your employer. It is set up to help you cover the cost of your medical expenses.

While you cannot use flex funds on all medical costs, LASIK is among the eye procedures covered by an FSA. If you already have a flex spending account, it’s essential to utilize that money before you lose it.

Usually, you can no longer use what you’ve saved in an FSA after the expiration date, which is the end of a calendar year. Although, some FSAs give you an extended grace period of two and a half months to use your funds.

If you still have flex dollars and don’t have a grace period, try to use them soon! Even though it’s too late to get LASIK this year, you can still use your FSA to cover it next year.

Investing in LASIK will pay off in the future as long as you qualify for the procedure. Getting it saves you money each month that you don’t need to pay for glasses and contacts.

Benefits of Getting LASIK Using Your Flex Spending Dollars

LASIK improves vision by correcting farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. Getting rid of these refractive errors eliminates your need for contacts or glasses.

After LASIK, you’ll no longer need glasses or contacts. Those costs will no longer be a part of your medical expenses.

With an FSA, you reduce your taxable income while increasing your spendable income. This allows you to offset your out-of-pocket expenses by hundreds or thousands of dollars when you use the money in your FSA.

You can have great vision and incredible savings by paying for LASIK with your FSA. You’ll save on taxes and eyecare costs.

Can Anyone Get LASIK With an FSA?

LASIK has a rigorous qualification process. While many people do qualify for it, some people do not.

Whether you have an FSA or not, you still need to go through the LASIK candidacy process. Before getting the procedure, your eye doctor will determine if you qualify.

If you do meet the requirements, you can use your FSA to cover the costs of LASIK. If you don’t meet the criteria, there are LASIK alternatives, which you can still use your FSA for!

Want to know if you’re a good LASIK candidate and how to get the crisp, clear vision you deserve using tax-free dollars? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Colorado Eye Consultants in Littleton, CO, today!