Young couple saving money for LASIK

You may be considering LASIK, but feel like there’s no way to afford it. In reality, LASIK may be closer to your financial grasp than you think!

The average price of $2,000 per eye may sound like a pipe dream, but there are ways to make LASIK affordable! Keep reading to learn 4 ways to save money on LASIK!

Payment Plans

One of the most effective ways to make LASIK affordable is to break the total cost into smaller payments. This allows you to manage the cost of LASIK without having to break the bank.

We accept CareCredit at Colorado Eye Consultants in Littleton. CareCredit allows you to make payments on visits that aren’t covered by insurance.

This includes LASIK and other vision services. You can also use it for things like dental, veterinarian, and dermatological practices. Talk about versatile!

Want to learn more about if you could qualify for CareCredit? Contact Colorado Eye Consultants’s patient financing for more information!


Since LASIK is elective surgery, insurance plans rarely cover it. Colorado Eye Consultants accepts many different insurance plans.

It never hurts to check and see if your insurance offers partial coverage on LASIK. Make sure to bring your insurance information with you to your LASIK consultation!

FSAs and HSAs

One of the best ways to save on LASIK and other uncovered medical expenses is with FSAs and HSAs. An FSA is a flexible spending account, while an HSA is a health savings account.

Both accounts function similarly, but with some key differences that make them unique.

A flexible spending account is usually offered by employers, depending on the company. FSAs allow you to put aside a part of your earnings into a separate account.

You can access this account to spend on medical expenses like LASIK or prescriptions. Any money that you take out from it is untaxed income.

Make sure to ask about the rules and regulations for your FSA. Many need you to use all the money in the account within a certain period or risk forfeiture. If this is the case, it will take some planning for your LASIK procedure.

HSAs work by allowing you to spend pre-tax dollars on certain health costs. Unlike an FSA, health savings accounts are not normally offered through employers.

You also will only get an FSA if you meet certain financial requirements. The benefit of an HSA is that you can save money between periods. This means you can plan further in advance when it comes to saving up for LASIK.

Tax Breaks

Depending on where you live and your situation, you may be able to claim LASIK on your taxes. Speak with a tax professional before banking on this, as LASIK is not always something you can claim.

If you can claim LASIK, most, if not the full procedure can be written off on your taxes!

Ready to find out if you’re a LASIK candidate since you know LASIK is affordable? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Colorado Eye Consultants in Littleton, CO today!