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Summer is coming to an end, and fall is on the way. Despite the changing of the seasons, fall can still bring new opportunities for growth and change. One of the best ways to improve your life is by improving your sight with LASIK.

This autumn could be the perfect time to do just that! Keep reading to learn about a few reasons why you should consider getting LASIK this fall!

Recover From LASIK During the Holidays

By choosing to undergo LASIK this fall, you can take advantage of the holiday season for optimal recovery time. Even though LASIK is a quick and straightforward procedure, it still takes time to heal after it.

It can take three to six months to heal after LASIK fully. Although, the most crucial phase is within several weeks after your procedure.

You will need to be a bit less active than usual to protect your vulnerable eyes during this period. After LASIK, you need to take a break from playing sports for a while, as well as swimming.

Too much physical contact can knock the flap in your cornea loose. If this happens, it could ruin the results of your procedure. You also need to avoid getting water in your eyes to prevent potential infections.

This makes fall the perfect time for your procedure. The weather will be getting colder, and you will likely want to spend more time indoors relaxing.

Prepare for Spring Allergies

While LASIK will not end your pollen allergy, it can make springtime easier. Coping with allergies can be difficult no matter what.

But having allergies while wearing contacts is almost unbearable. Allergens and irritants find their way under your lenses and sit on your eyes all day long.

This results in perpetual irritation. Getting LASIK ends your need for contacts and can make allergy season much more pleasant than it is for you now.

You can begin to prepare for next allergy season now by getting LASIK this fall!

No More Foggy Glasses During Winter

If you wear glasses, then you know exactly what kind of problems cold weather can present. Fogged glasses, for example, are a menace to everyone that has to use them. But they’re tough to avoid in the winter.

After LASIK, you will never again have to experience a sudden loss of sight from opening your car door. And, if you get LASIK this fall, then your recovery should be over in time to still spend a lot of time enjoying the snow outdoors, glasses-free.

Find Out if You Are a LASIK Candidate

Before you undergo LASIK, you need to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. During a LASIK consultation, you’ll go through a series of tests and examinations to ensure that LASIK will be safe and effective for your eyes.

A LASIK consultation is also the perfect time to ask questions and get informed on how LASIK works. Don’t wait any longer to get this vital information and discover if visual freedom with LASIK can be yours!

Schedule an appointment at Colorado Eye Consultants in Littleton, CO, today. Make this fall one that changes your life forever. Start your LASIK journey now!