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LASIK is a surgical procedure, which means some people will dread it before they have it. But with LASIK, there’s no reason for dread!

It’s life-changing in a good way and it will provide you with the visual freedom you’ve been craving. Keep reading for three reasons to put your fears of LASIK aside this year!

1. LASIK is Successful

LASIK has an incredible track record. Millions of people have had the procedure. In fact, it has a 96% success rate with patients.

That’s unheard of for medical procedures! This is an incredible statistic in the field of medicine.

You can attribute much of this to the fact that LASIK is a procedure that has never stopped evolving. It’s not the same procedure it was when it first became FDA approved.

The research into it never ends. That means your results will be precise and you’ll have an easier recovery.

Thank the brilliance of the researchers behind the process, the engineers who designed the equipment, and the LASIK surgeons.

2. The Benefits of LASIK are Life-Changing

Many people think living with glasses and contacts is not that of a deal to get a procedure like LASIK. But wearing visual aids can hold you back and limit you in significant ways.

Glasses can stop you from enjoying things like playing sports or swimming for fear of damaging or losing them. Contacts are a constant source of inconvenience as they need to be regularly replaced and maintained.

LASIK is not about one single change that will save your life. Ultimately, it is about convenience, but it is also about the freedom to choose.

Glasses and contacts prevent you from being able to make a massive amount of small decisions every day. These are decisions that can lead to fond memories and fun experiences.

LASIK can simply remove that barrier, opening you up to a new way of seeing and living your life.

3. LASIK Isn’t as Unaffordable as You Think

Not everyone is afraid of the surgery part of LASIK. Some people are afraid of what it will do to their wallets.

There’s no denying the fact that LASIK can seem unaffordable. But you don’t want a procedure on your eyes to be inexpensive!

The amount of training and the high-tech equipment used during LASIK is necessary to produce the best results. You should be extremely wary of places that provide LASIK for a price that seems too good to be true.

It simply isn’t worth risking your vision. But LASIK doesn’t need to be a one-time, upfront punch to your bank account.

At Colorado Eye Consultants, you can use CareCredit to finance your LASIK treatment. Financing your procedure allows you to divide the total cost of the procedure into monthly payments.

This makes it a lot more affordable. You can also look into opening a flexible spending account or a health savings account through your employer. This will allow you to set money aside to use untaxed on certain medical expenses such as LASIK.

Ready to say yes to visual freedom this year? Schedule your LASIK consultation at Colorado Eye Consultants in Littleton, Co, today!